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Raymond mill is one of the common equipments in mining machinery. What kind of equipment can not withstand long-term damage, there will always be some faults in long-term use, and don't be afraid of problems. Finding a solution is the key. Next, SBM Heavy Industry's professional technicians will explain the problem of excessive temperature of Raymond mill.
Improper use of Raymond mill equipment, there will be a corresponding increase in temperature, which is very unfavorable for our production and processing, because the increase in temperature will hinder our production efficiency, so that our maintenance times increase When the Raymond mill is overheated, we need to find the root cause of the temperature rise.
1. The grinding roller device should be filled in time according to the regulations, and cleaned regularly to replace the oil seal.
2, according to the actual situation of Raymond mill adjustment, such as appropriate adjustment of the ventilation of the grinding chamber, open the ventilation duct, so that the airflow and outdoor airflow in the Raymond grinding chamber can convect, from avoiding the temperature of the Raymond mill chamber is too high.
3, fan heating is most likely due to high wind pressure, sometimes we will unconsciously encounter the fan equipment in the production, so that the wind pressure of the fan changes to cause the motor to heat. This also reminds us not to arbitrarily change the equipment in production.
4. The bearings of the grinding roller grinding ring should be refueled regularly.
5. Many equipments have some problems in terms of quality. When purchasing equipment, we need to conduct detailed inspections, consultations, and shop around to decide to buy. A good product can better provide overall work efficiency.
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