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By angole
Satisfy MB & F Musical legacy Machine 2 vivid orange About six years ago in 2013, MB & F released its first Legacy Unit No . 2, which included the model made of 18 karat rose gold.MB&F LM1 replica watches, Now the brand released its second rose gold LM2- with a stunning blue switch this time. LM2 Red Platinum Blue will be the last LM2 made of 18 carat 5N rose gold. * If this is not necessarily disappointing enough, the brand will produce 12 new designs of this limited edition, made out of a dark blue call. Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process.

Like all LM2 watches, the distinctive feature on the new LM2 is the combined "flying" balance wheel revoked above the dial by a number of arms. These are fixed with the newer round, polished connections introduced in the latest LM2 version. The watch is equipped with 2 independent adjustment systems in which bounce at their own pace, but that speed is actually averaged by the central planetary differential. The award-winning watch manufactures Jean-François Mojon and Kari Voutilainen envision complex activities for MB & Farrenheit, which is nothing new. Actually their two signatures will be displayed through the sapphire crystal situation.

A tour of the face of a three-dimensional masterpiece having a multi-layer handbag movement uncovers the fact that the main dial is definitely located on the top plate with the movement. Large offset bright lacquered hour / small dial with roman volumes and golden outlines a little bit above the surface. The 18-karat gold hands are pink to match the back panel. Typically the planetary differential (a primary factor in the dual governor system) is lifted above the rest from the movement and is supported by any double-arc mirror-polished bridge. A pair of balance wheels are also halted above the dial, and the a couple of balance wheels respond in another way to different forces.replica luxury watches

Technical features: MB & F LM2 red gold blue:


Three-dimensional watch movement especially developed for MB as well as F by Jean-François Muga of Chronode and Kari Voutilainen
Manual winding using a single barrel
Power reserve: fortyfive hours

Differential: planetary differential with 3 gears along with 5 pinions
Balance tire: two customized 11mm harmony wheels, four traditional change screw balance wheels flying above the movement and watch dial
Gossamer: traditional treasure
gue curve ends at button bracket swing frequency: 16, 000bph / 2 . 5Hz
Number of components: 241
Variety of jewellery: 44
Exquisite side processing with respect to 19th-century fashion; polished internal bevels high light manual craftsmanship; polished bevels; Geneva waves; gold speak bucket with polished countersinks; hand carved


Time and minutes
The planetary differential transmits the average velocity of the two governors to your single gear train.


Material: 18k rose gold, 18 carat rose gold, 950 platinum or maybe grade 5 titanium.
Dimensions: Launch version and American platinum eagle version: 44mm × 20mm; Redesigned version of ti and red gold (blue side): 44mm × 19mm
Number of parts: 45 (launch and platinum versions), as well as 41 (titanium and red-colored gold redesigned versions)
Water proof: 30 m / three months '/ 3 atmospheres

Sky-blue crystal:

High-dome sapphire amazingly top, back sapphire ravenscroft, anti-reflective coating on both isn't stable.

Strap and buckle:

African american, brown or blue hand-stitched crocodile leather strap along with 18k gold, platinum or even titanium contrast buckle.
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