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Grinding is the continuous crushing granite impact crusher process after the ores are crushed by crushing machines. As for the processing of non-metallic ores, the grinding and classification process has three purposes: first is to make monomer separated raw materials that meet the separation requirement for the subsequent ore beneficiation and purification work; if wet type separation method is used, classification work will be needed to meet the requirement for the pulp density of the subsequent classification work; second is to provide the powdery raw materials that meet the requirement of feeding granularity for the super fine crushing and fine classification process; third is to process the fine powders that meet the fineness requirement of the relevant applied sectors such as ceramics, refractory, building material and stone materials.
As a preparation work for ore conveyor belt components beneficiation, ore grinding and classification work generally adopts wet type technology. Generally speaking, the grinding mill uses autogenous mill or semi-autogenous mill, vibrating mill and gravel grinding mill and the classifier uses spiral classifier, hydro cyclone and hydro classifier. This grinding and classifying process generally adopts grinding-classification technology. If the fineness of the selected pulp has high requirement or staged separation is needed, the technical process of two-stage grinding and multi-stage grinding and separating will be used. According to the installation method of the classifier in the grinding and classifying system, the one-stage ore grinding process includes three types: one-stage grinding process with examination classification system, one-stage grinding process with pre-classification and examination classification system and one-stage grinding process with control classification system.
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