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By crushermachine2
Talc has the characteristics of lubricity, anti-adhesion, flow aid, fire resistance, acid resistance, insulation, high melting point, chemical inactivity, and good hiding power. It can be used in medicine, food, chemical and industrial production. Talc is easily wetted and dispersed in all liquid coatings, such as organic solvents, varnishes, alkyds, and aqueous systems. Talc is used in large quantities in cements, crack fillers and putties. Superfine talc is suitable for controlling the gloss, consistency and sagging properties of semi-gloss coatings. Vertical Roller Mill has excellent suspension in coatings and can also help other pigments in the system to remain suspended. Depending on the requirements of special products, coarse-grained or fine-grained talc is selected. The European version of the mill is widely used in the talc powder industry and can be widely used in the production of talc powder for sand production. The European version of the mill is a kind of equipment that is improved based on the trapezoidal mill, The European version of the mill has inherited the performance advantages of the trapezoidal mill, and has the advantages of large processing capacity and low power consumption. Because its output particle size is less than or equal to 3mm, some European mills are also called new sand making machines. The improved powder separator also makes the output of ultrafine powder smoother. The perfect combination of the reducer and the host greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the energy consumption. In addition, the unique dust removal device allows the European version of the trapezoidal mill. No less inferior in environmental protection. SBM Heavy Industry Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional mill manufacturer, which can develop a reliable and cost-effective coal mill according to your needs. In addition, the company also produces high-pressure suspension roller mills, European version mills, Raymond mills and other milling equipment. We welcome customers to inquire and we are happy to serve you!

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