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In the production of granite ore mills, equipment problems occur due to prolonged grinding. Therefore, it affects the normal operation of the granite ore mill to a certain extent. In particular, the phenomenon that the equipment suddenly locks up not only affects the construction period, but also reduces the milling efficiency. Then, today Xiaobian will introduce the reason why the granite talc grinding mill suddenly crashes.
1. Before the granite ore mill is fed, the raw materials are not inspected, resulting in the entry of non-metallic substances with high hardness into the grinding chamber, resulting in the phenomenon that the grinding chamber is stuck, and the granite ore grinding machine is produced. Suddenly crashed. Therefore, before the operation, the material needs to be sieved to properly grasp the hardness of the abrasive material.
Second, when the particle size of the granite is too large, the difficulty of crushing and grinding the equipment will increase. This will extend the residence time of the granite ore mill in the grinding chamber and also increase the wear of the material on the grinding rolls and the grinding ring. Once the material is piled up on the basis of insufficient grinding, it is easy to cause the equipment to suddenly crash. For this phenomenon, we should correctly control the feed size of the material.
3. In the production of granite ore milling machine, when the operator feeds the equipment unevenly, the grinding cavity will be broken, which will lead to excessive feeding and gather in the grinding cavity to make the grinding cavity. Excessive aggregates eventually led to a sudden collapse of the granite raymond mill. Therefore, the operator should feed the equipment at a uniform speed.
Fourth, the user wants to ensure the normal operation of the granite ore mill, and regularly add and replace the lubricant during the operation. In the case of failure or contamination of the lubricating oil, the friction between the components will increase and the speed of the main engine will be slowed down, resulting in a sudden crash of the granite ore mill. Therefore, good lubricants can prevent important factors in equipment crashes.

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